What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video music and social network platform of China launched in 2017, for markets outside of China. by Truong Nhat Minh, founder of  ByteDance. It is used to create short music, lip-syncing, dance, comedy and talent videos from 3 seconds to 10 minutes, and short loop videos from 3 to 60 seconds. ByteDance first launched  Douyin  for the Chinese market in September 2016. After that, TikTok was launched in 2017 for  iOS  and  Android  in most markets outside of  Mainland China; however, it is only available worldwide, including  US, after merging with Musical.ly on August 2, 2018.

What is SnapTik App?

SnapTik App is a 3rd party application that allows you to download TikTok videos to your device without the logo. For Android phones, you just need to copy the video link and paste it into the SnapTik tool, the action will be automatically performed and save the logoless video to your phone.

Snaptik is a Tik Snap or Snap TikTok tool that specializes in downloading the latest logoless or logo Tiktok video today and is completely free, can be used easily at Snaptik86.com with millions of daily uses. .

With Snaptik tool you can download Tik Tok videos anytime, anywhere and share them with others. You can visit the website SnapTik.ap to download videos from TikTok.

At the moment, this application is available on the App Store, but I have not found it very smooth, so I will guide you to use it on the SnapTik.app website to download TikTok videos without logo to iphone.

Snaptik Tik Tok is currently one of the best Tiktok Video Downloaders today to help you download Tik Tok Videos without logo and watermark. You don’t need to install any software on your device, just the link of the TikTok video and paste it into the Snaptik tool and the video download process is complete.

When using SnapTik Apk, downloading TikTok videos without watermark is easy, just a simple operation that you can do. Not only helps download TikTok videos, but this application also helps download videos on Douyin (Chinese Tiktok).

Perhaps you are looking to download Tiktok videos to your phone or computer with high quality, right? SnapTik will help you download videos from Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc. to your device in HD quality. SnapTik Appvn is a great app, isn’t it?

Not only has the Tiktok video function without logo on the device, but SnapTik also allows users to download cover photos or download background music from TikTok videos.

After downloading TikTok videos to your device, you can completely share those videos to many others in various forms such as messages, emails, facebook, zalo, … simply and quickly.

Why use SnapTik App?

The reason why use Snap Tiktok is because Snaptik Apo application can download videos without Logo (no watermark), secure and safe without using any of your personal information. We only process the video to which you have submitted the link to Snaptik’s servers. The special thing is that SnapTik-App can be used on any device, any technology platform today.

Instructions to download tiktok videos at SnapTik App

  • Step 1: Open the app
  • Step 2: Select the TikTok video you want to download
  • Step 3: Click Share find and click Copy Link
  • Step 4: Open a browser (safari, chrome, …) to access
  • Step 5: Paste the link you copied and click Get Video

Download Tiktok videos without Logo?

Snaptik86.com is a tool to download TikTok videos online without the blurred logo of Tik Tok. You will not need to download any software on your phone or computer, all you need to do is copy the link to the video you want to download and our system will take care of the rest. for you.